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Public speaking With Nadeem

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This course is all about how you can become a good public speaker. A lot of people always have this misconception that public speaking is only limited to standing in front of a crowd and giving speechs. But the reality is, public speaking starts from the moment you start initiating any conversation with anyone. In this course we are going to learn:

How to leave everlasting impression on others, how to build confidence, how to win and influence anyone you meet, you are going to ace everything after watching this course be it an interview, a business deal or meeting someone new. So come and join this course to start becoming the best version of yourself.

The Course Curriculam

Reading, writing and arithmetic. This is the literacy education list we find in almost all schools in every country across the world while I agree that these three are the most important aspect in education but they are not sufficient to make a functional person. To me this seems like three wheels on a vehicle that requires four to run smoothly, so what makes the extra wheel? Yes you got it right, its personality development. A complete behavioral guide for every individual is not a very easy task to conquer because every individual is different and unique also they have their own individual nature of action.

Moreover, the developmental period of children is considered as a very crucial stage in their lives it can be said that learning things in the earlier stages of your life is going to do great influence on your acitivities when you are grown up. Therefore, there are some skills that must taught to you and your kids at an early age so that you can develop them for an incredibly healthy and happy life ahead of yourself.

I will be teaching you how to become the master and leader of your field. How to present yourself well, How to be confident, How to crack any business deal or convince the clients or customer. How to build creative mindset, how to become good at leadership, How to be an effective communicator , how to build critical thinking. How to build network and many more.

Taking this course has numerous benefits like -

  • Improves individual capacity to conquer fear and nervousness while waiting to speak in public.
  • Enhances your capacity to deliver good speeches / presentations.
  • It will Increase knowledge about new strategies to boost the style of speaking in public.
  • Helps kids and teenagers develop further public awareness on decoding verbal and non-verbal signs that are not taught at schools.
  • Develop leadership skills, assertiveness, increases capability to handle peer pressure and bullies along with time management, teamwork, decision making or taking initiatives and many more. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

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Nadeem Qureshi

I have taught around thousands of students for more than 5 years in institutes like Matippu, Planetspark. I always feel that learning should not only be limited to academics but there's more to it. Over the years I have figured it out what is the reason why only handful of people get their desired job or position and the most obvious answer would be lack of personality development. My endeavor has and will always be to make learning very fun and easy going. Its a journey to fill all the people with confidence and comes out as a winner to ace in every aspect of your life.

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  • M

    Mukta Rajput

    5 January, 2023

    Great app and special thanks to nadeem sir. i have joined this course and i can say that my money is worth to buy it.

  • R

    Ruhi manipal

    6 January, 2023

    It's a dream of millions of youngsters to become a public speaker like you ... But at the same time they all know that you are absolutely unique 👍👍.

  • M


    10 January, 2023

    Great sir, indian schools and colleges need teachers and professors like you.. You should be appointed as trainer for them sir🙌.

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