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Spoken English with Carol ma'am

What is English Speaking and why is it important?

Speaking abilities are the capabilities that enable efficient communication. They enable us to communicate verbally and in a way that is understandable to the listener. Speaking plays primarily a social conversational role in engagement. It depicts the speaker's relationships and roles in a social context. We interact by speaking, for instance, when chatting with a fellow traveller or informing a buddy about a funny encounter.

In this course I will be teaching you everything important about English that you would require to establish yourself in your professional career as well as your personal relationships. .

I will be teaching you how to prepare resume, how to conduct yourself in an interview or any group discussions, how to deal with a client or customer, good English phrases to be used everyday, correct pronunciation of the English words that we use daily and will also improve your vocabulary.

What Will You Learn?

Taking this course will make you an utmost favourite of your seniors in your workplace as well as your customers and clients. All this because you wil be able to express yourself accurately in formal words. You will standout at any job interview because of your speaking skills and your resume will also be shortlisted at every organisation you apply because of the outstanding resume that you have built for yourself.

At last, you will check out a lot of your New Year resolutions that you have thought of whether it's personal or professional because of your speaking skills.

After all it's rightly said ' To speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk but a wise man speaks.'.

The Course Curriculam

I would be teaching everything related to spoken English, how to conduct yourself, how to speak confidently and how to interact.

  • how to prepare a resume that stands out from others.
  • How to crack an interview with your spoken English and personality.
  • How to send professional emails.
  • How to attend telephonic calls from clients and customers.
  • How to speak the right pronunciation.
  • How to speak right English without grammatical errors.
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Caroline M Varghese

English has always been a very frightening section whether it's spoken English or Grammar but Caroline Varghese mam has done huge efforts for all the people who are looking to improve their English.

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  • R

    Rajesh Meena

    4 January, 2023

    Very helpful for beginners those who try to improve english using communication.

  • N

    Nitish Jain

    4 January, 2023

    It is easy and excellent. It covers learning listening, pronunciation practicing, reading and understanding. I couldn't ask for more. The way is estructured make it easy and motivates alot. I feel have improve. And I just started. Thanks.

  • S


    3 January, 2023

    Thank you Carol Ma'am 💞 Today I downloaded the app and I love the way that you were teach us it's very helpful for me 🙂.

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