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Puran Thapa

A certified instructor from skill24
Course: 1 Students: 125
Experience: 5 Years


I became attracted by the complexities of computer language throughout my time in college and began learning coding as a result. Every time I coded, it seemed like I was creating something new. I finally landed my desired job once I had mastered the language, which took over a month. I've done web and app development work for organisations like Sigmatech, DLB Infotech, Unacademy, Class24, JRF Adda, and many others.

I'm here to introduce you to NodeJS, a powerful programming language. By learning this, you will become an expert in the field and gain information on how to create your own mobile application or website while also working on projects for other businesses. Your chances of landing a job at an MNC will increase if you learn this. You can even start your own projects as a freelancer.

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