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Doctor of Business Administration

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Doctor of Business Administration

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA): Elevate Your Leadership with Research Excellence

Unlock the pinnacle of academic and professional achievement in business with our Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program at Business & Hospitality School Switzerland (BHS Switzerland). This advanced program is designed for seasoned professionals seeking to make significant contributions to the field through rigorous research and the generation of new knowledge.

Course Description:
In the ever-evolving landscape of modern management, professional and academic research stand as cornerstones for progress. The DBA program at BHS Switzerland places a strong emphasis on cultivating advanced research skills essential for shaping the future of business leadership. From formulating precise research topics to critically reviewing literature, designing comprehensive research projects, and employing appropriate methodologies, our DBA program guides students through the entire research process.

This module serves as a foundational step, providing a holistic view of research approaches and methodologies. Particularly beneficial for those new to research, it covers the critical aspects of embedding research within existing knowledge and contributing to it by generating new insights. Students delve into evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of different research approaches, fostering a deep understanding of their own research projects and enabling them to critically assess published research in various mediums.

Course Learning Objectives:
By the conclusion of this module, students will have mastered the ability to:
- Formulate research topics with clarity and precision.
- Develop research objectives, questions, hypotheses, and propositions.
- Conduct a critical review of literature pertinent to the chosen research topic.
- Acquire essential skills in literature review, including searching for recent and relevant articles, using tools for structured reviews, employing systematic referencing, and summarizing reviews concisely.

Program Highlights:
- Global Recognition: Our DBA program is recognized by 1,000+ companies across Europe and internationally.
- International Reach: Students from 118+ countries have chosen BHS Switzerland as their destination for advanced business education.
- Placement Success: Achieve your career aspirations with a remarkable placement record of 96.07% in 2022-23.
- Diverse Faculty: Benefit from the expertise of 1,300+ faculty members representing 30+ countries, offering a rich and global perspective.
- Personalized Pedagogy: Experience a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, ensuring a personalized and enriching learning environment.
- Continuous Learning Community: Join a community of 1.2 million continuous learners who have registered in one of our MOOCs, enhancing your knowledge and network.

Elevate your leadership potential, contribute to cutting-edge research, and shape the future of business with our distinguished DBA program at BHS Switzerland.

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Doctor of Business Administration

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